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Thank you for visiting us here at TurrentX, here we are to serve you with a fun, adventurous RSPS server, it has the most updated, items, bosses, and PKP system out, it has so much to offer, for Donators, and even non Donators, their are plenty of benefits for both types of players, we also offer a fun and active staff team, Free items won weekly and won by contests, thanks for visiting us here at TurrentX, we hope you have a fun time while your here!

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Jag Main Owner
We're off to a good start...

Hi my name is Jag, and im going to be your game host, im glad you've found our site, and have decided to try out our brand new RSPS. I am expecting a great turn out with Turrentx, And hope to see many of you in game, I have decided to turn TurrentX, which was a personal project, to a beta testing project, and finally make it into an enjoyable online free MMORPG game! There are plenty of benefits for each and every player, all though Player supporters may get a lot of more freedom, and eligible to play, Player supports, unlock a whole new feature in Turrentx gaming. But please, take your time to register on our Forums, and just check things out, thanks for reading! - Jag

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Jag Main Owner
The New Download

The New Download, is just our newest TurrentX Game Client & Cache, it has the newest sprites, newest items, login screens, and much more, please download our Newest updated client, so you won't miss out on all of our future updates! If there is any bugs in the client, please report to me (Jag) as soon as possible so that we can inform the situation and get it fixed, at an accurate time, Thank you - Jag

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Staff list

  • Main Owner Jag Developer
  • Co-Owner Open Must Apply
  • Administrator Open Must Apply
  • Administrator Open Must Apply
  • Moderator Open Must Apply
  • Moderator Open Must Apply

Ranks & Packages

  • $7 PayPal TurrentX Member Benefits
  • $12 PayPal TurrentX Super Member Benefits
  • $18 PayPal TurrentX Extreme Member Benefits
  • $24.99 PayPal TurrentX Member++ Extra Benefits
  • $25 PayPal TurrentX Member Package Rank, Benefits, +Items
  • $3 PayPal TurrentX Mystery box Random

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